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Pneumatic chamber batching pump "PN LOGIC"


December 18, 2009
Report on Exhibition in India.
On the 25-29 of November, 2009 "The 5th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair" took place in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
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September 26, 2008.
Dealer seminar.
The sales seminar that took place on the 23-24th of September, 2008 in Tula Science and Technology House was a serious step of "Stroymechanika" Ltd in development of dealers network. 19 organizations from all parts of Russia as well as from Belorussia, Kazakhstan participated in this seminar.More >>
March 25, 2008
The new bag unloading station with batching system SRD 500 LOGIC has been put into operation.
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March 20, 2008
The production of screw conveyors of VK 114, VK 159 type, up to 9 meters by length, of VK 219, VK 273 up to 12 meters by length.
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March 18, 2008
The production of new crew conveyers of new type VK 114, VK 219.
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Dry mortar mixing mini-plant SSS TURBOMIX 3/500

  Automatic control system of Dry mortar mixing mini-plant ASU SSS LOGIC

If you are a professional builder or even the beginner but you follow the new technologies in construction industry, you know undoubtedly about dry concrete mixes. Nowadays dry construction mixes (DCM) having high consumer qualities, have become the separate branch in construction industry. Materials for floor making, waterproofing and repair compositions, glues for ceramic tile and natural stone, cement grouting, plastering mixes of different applications, and this is not the complete list of products, shipped as DCM.

Modern dry construction mixes is not just simple cement with sand, but advanced technology product. Their application does not only increase working efficiency greatly, but also makes it possible to get perfect quality results, that were not possible to get by using of usual sand-cement mixes. The base of DCM usually is sand or powdered quartz, as well as a limestone dust and powder-like chalk. Modern DCM manufacturers use a large amount of additives in their compositions.

The Engineering enterprise Stroymechanika being a designer and manufacturer of professional equipment for material storage, transportation, mixing, separation, classification and batching, offers a automatic plant (mini-mill), designed for production of dry construction mixes, capacity up to 5 t/h, manufactured on the basis of SM TURBOMIX 500.

1 - Cement storage silo with screw conveyor of "VK" series; 2 - Batching system of mix components consisting of three batching bins on strain gages; 3 - Mortar mixer of "KORVET" series; 4 - The dry components mixing unit of "SM TURBOMIX" for 500 (750, 1000) liters; 5 - Intermediate bin; 6 - Screw conveyor of "VK" series; 7 - Receiving bin of ready mix, volume 1,2 m³; 8 - Valve packer "AEROPACK".
* There is a possibility of complementary arrangement of the mini-plant with Bag loaders SZ 500, drum drying units of "SP" series and with other equipment upon customers demand.

Short description and operation principle:
Sand conveying. For sand storage a silo equipped with optional equipment (air filter relief valve, aeration system, level sensor) is used. The sand is supplied from silo into dry sand weighing bin through screw conveyor of "VK" series. The arrangement of mini-plant can include drum drying unit of "SP" series.
Cement conveying. For storage of cement a silo equipped with all necessary additional equipment (air filter, relief valve, aeration system, level gauges) is used. From the silo the cement is conveyed to cement weighing bin.
Additives feeding. Additives are weighed by turns on analytical balance and then are loaded into additives mixer. The calculation by quantity of used additives per shift is made beforehand, on the basis of capacity per shift. After preparing of the additive mix they are loaded into the receiving bin of the screw conveyor VK 159 and conveyed to the weighing batching bin DMD 150T. After the weighing of the given dosage the components enter the dry mix mixer. The mixing time is set by controller of the automatic control system of the plant depending on the mix composition.
Mixing of components. The mixer for dry construction mixes of of "SM TURBOMIX" series is used for mixing. When the mix is ready it is unloaded through the pneumatically driven gate of the mixer into mixers receiving bin, equipped with level gauges.
Packing of ready mixes. The ready mix is pumped into receiving bin pf valve packer AEROPACK TURBO from the bin. As the valve bag is filled with ready mix, the bag from feed chute of the packer falls under its own weight on the belt conveyor and is conveyed through moving conveying belt to the packing area on pallets.
Mini-plant control system. The control of the mini-plant SSS TURBOMIX is made by intelligent SAU SSS LOGIC system, designed especially for this line. The control can be made both in automatic and manual mode. The application of SAU SSS LOGIC helps to reduce the personnel needed in the workshop that influences positively the speed on payback and quality stability of the launched products.

Competitive advantages of dry mortar mixing mini-plant SSS TURBOMIX:

  • High quality of the mixing process. SSS TURBOMIX plant includes a mixer of series "SM TURBOMIX", designed for high-quality and intensive mixing of dry bulk materials at the production if dry mortars. Quality and speed of dry mix mixing is provided by form and layout of paddles of the mixing unit, that have directed working surface and simple geometrical size, that increase its durability and simplifies the change at repair works. Working area and unloading mixers manhole are isolated excluding dusting at discharge.
  • Maximum capacity. The procedures of given batch forming of the components, their mixing and packing of ready mix into valve bags are made simultaneously and independently from each other, that allows to get the maximal capacity of the plant.
  • Stability of the components batching.The components dose set in the weighing bin is discharged directly into the mixer, always fully and without remains regardless of any physical characteristics of components or environmental conditions. The portions of components for mixing are set from the display of the weighing terminal of automatic system SAU SSS LOGIC that controls the work of mini-plant in a whole and corrects speed of material supply; error in system operation is 0.3-0.5%.
  • Absence of technological losses. Due to the unloading of ready mix from the mixer just into measuring bin, the prepared mix is packed without any remains at readjusting for the other formula the time for removing of mix remains from the conveying loader is not wasted, the losses of mix is absent.
  • Compactness of the equipment. Vertical arrangement of the plant makes possible to use the minimum amount of unloaders for conveying of mix components into the mixer, as well as to layout the equipment on the minimum area. The height of the plant allows to install it in many industrial shops.
  • Low cost. Thanks to high capacity, minimal configuration and low steel intensity of hardware the the cost of the plant is lower than of its analogs.
  • Universality. 2, 3, 4 component construction mixes depending on the quantity of installed bucket elevators can be produced on this plant.
  • Flexibility of arrangement. The plants can be supplied with one or two batching packers, with continuous bucket elevators and service galleries or without them, with manually or mechanically activated valves, and also can be equipped with different feeders, transporters, screen sieves, electrical or sand gas (liquid-fuel) rotary drum dryers.
  • Convenience and reliability. Thanks to simple design, the application of modern reliable import component and universal weighing programmed self-design blocks, and also continuous work on improvement of the plant design and its control system the reliability of machine in operation and its usability are constantly rising.
  • The possibility of arrangement changing. According to technical requirements of the client the plants on base of already working plants, new dry mortar mixing plants with other arrangement and configuration can be produced.
  • Assistance in operation. The manufacturer renders all required assistance at montage, commissioning, operation and in exploitation and improvement of equipment during all operation period including supply of required are parts. Warranty period is 12 months.
  • High automation level.
  • Application of component parts of well-known world manufacturers:
      - parts for pneumatic system of  (FESTO, Germnay);
      - components for control box of  company (LG, South Korea),  company (ABB, Germnay);
      - logic controllers SAU SSS LOGIC of  company (SIEMENS);
      - gear motor of  company (BONFIGLIOLI, Italy).

Technical characteristics

Capacity, t/h up to 5
Number of mix compositions, pc. unlimited
Binding materials Portland cement, slaked lime, gypsum, slag alkaline materials
Aggregate Quartz sand, ash, slag, chalk, talc, etc.
Batching of initial material By weight
Batching and additives input By weight
Ready material packing Into valve bags of 10-50 kg
big-bags of 500-2000 kg
Installed capacity, kW from 65
Supply voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Air pressure, atm 6
Compressed air consumption, l/min not more than 300
Min temperature of incoming material, °C not lower +10
Max temperature of incoming material, °C not higher +80
Humidity of the used material, % 0,1
Volume of binding silo Upon customers demand
Volume of batching bins, m³ 0,6
Volume of ready mix bin, m³ 0,6

The Dry mortar mixing mini-plant "SSS TURBOMIX" is shipped to the client after full unit test.

The packing arrangement includes:
- Operating manuals for the equipment of the present plant;
- Maintenance manual SAU SSS LOGIC;
- Personnel training.

- contract supervision;
- commissioning;
- service maintenance (upon separate contract).

  Automatic control system of Dry mortar mixing mini-plant ASU SSS LOGIC


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