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Pneumatic chamber batching pump "PN LOGIC"


December 18, 2009
Report on Exhibition in India.
On the 25-29 of November, 2009 "The 5th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair" took place in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
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September 26, 2008.
Dealer seminar.
The sales seminar that took place on the 23-24th of September, 2008 in Tula Science and Technology House was a serious step of "Stroymechanika" Ltd in development of dealers network. 19 organizations from all parts of Russia as well as from Belorussia, Kazakhstan participated in this seminar.More >>
March 25, 2008
The new bag unloading station with batching system SRD 500 LOGIC has been put into operation.
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March 20, 2008
The production of screw conveyors of VK 114, VK 159 type, up to 9 meters by length, of VK 219, VK 273 up to 12 meters by length.
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March 18, 2008
The production of new crew conveyers of new type VK 114, VK 219.
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Business plan to organize the site of the cement mechanical activation using the cage mill of HORIZONT 4500MK ULTRA by production of the machine building company "Stroymechanika" in the production like to receive the concrete products. The production volume of activated cement is 3 tones per hour (21 tones per day).
(created on base of data of real working enterprise in the Central Federal region of Russian Federation)

The initial data for calculation

Initial conditions:

  • To activate cement of type PTcz 500 DO up to milling granular content no more than 50 mcm (<50 mcm).
  • The specified output is no more than 3 tones per hour.
  • The reduction and increasing of the cement surface particles activation in 15-17%.

We will study the mechanical cement activation in our plan. The grinding unit under consideration is also intended to grind, homogenize and disperse of large range of bulk materials. The machine building enterprise "Stroymechanika" offers some other models of the unit under consideration, as well as destination cage mills, modular systems, grinders.

The equipment of machine building company "Stroymechanika" production
Number of operators (work in 7-8 hours shift work) 2
Overall dimensions of the cage mill (L×W×H), mm 1685×1700×760
Cage mill weight, kg 762
Climate performance: ambiance temperature From -5° up to +40°
Three phase ac network of frequency/tension, Hz/V 50/380
Power of each of two motors, kW 18,5
Output (depending on the physic and mechanical data of the material), kg/h до 5500
Max dimension of the initial material (max) , mm 15
  sec hours day/shift month
Grinding speed 0,83 kg/sec 3000 kg/h 24 000 kg/shift 528 t/month
Volume of electric power consumption - 37 kW/h 259 kW/shift 5698 kW/month

Initial components

Portland cement, types not higher 500 DO.
The application of cements of type M400 or M300 is allowed. In this case the activation of these types of cement is increased in 17%-15% with respect to the cement consumption of type M400 or M300 (without use of cage mills).

The operational life of the grinding parts (pins) during the processing of cement PTzc 500 DO (grinding speed is 0.83 kg per sec) is 45 000 kg.

Calculation of the consumption price for production of 45 000 kg

  Quantity Price per measuring unit, RUB Price, RUB
Cement М500 DO 45 000 kg 6,00 270 000
Set of replaceable pins 1 ps. 6 800,00 6 800
Price of works to replace pins 1 ps. 500,00 500
Electric power 37×2 kW 2,00 2 220
Total: 279 520
Physical characteristic
  Granular size Specific surface area
Initial cement state 80 mkm 4 513 sm²/g
Activated state 50 mkm 3 513 sm²/g
*it is give the possibility to reduce the cement consumption in 15-17 %

Benefit calculation per one operational cycle of the grinding parts (45 tones=15 hours =2 shifts)

Prime cost of cement tone, RUB Saving % Saving RUB  
6 000 15 900 From one tone
45 000 15 40 500 For 2 shifts
Total: 31 000 (=40500-2200-6800-500)


Capital investments using the cage mill HORIZONT 4500МК ULTRA
Equipment Price, RUB Quantity
Cage mill HORIZONT 4500МК ULTRA 300 000 1
Total: 300 000*
* set without screw conveyor


Wage calculation
Wage of the maintenance personnel per month
Post Quantity Wage, RUB
Cage mill’s operator 1 8 000
Supplementary worker 1 8 000
Total: 16 000


Expenditures calculation for two working days
Name of expenses Amount, RUB
Cement 45 000 kg 270 000
Wage 1 455
Power inputs 2 200
Change of operating parts 7 300
Exploitation of the production area -
Exploitation of the auxiliary equipment -
Indirect expenditures -
Total: 280 955


Payback calculation
Equipment Price, RUB Quantity
Cage mill 300 000 1
Net profits 31 000 For 2 shifts
Total: average monthly profit 31 000×11=341 000 RUB
Total: The payback of the project using our equipment will be maximum in one month of the successful activity.

  • The taxes, rent of the production facilities and handling charges are not taken into consideration.
  • You can calculate the complementary expenses yourselves or address to your specialists.

The profitability of the production will be considerably increased during the enlarging of the production and reducing of the overhead costs.


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