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Pneumatic chamber batching pump "PN LOGIC"


December 18, 2009
Report on Exhibition in India.
On the 25-29 of November, 2009 "The 5th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair" took place in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
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September 26, 2008.
Dealer seminar.
The sales seminar that took place on the 23-24th of September, 2008 in Tula Science and Technology House was a serious step of "Stroymechanika" Ltd in development of dealers network. 19 organizations from all parts of Russia as well as from Belorussia, Kazakhstan participated in this seminar.More >>
March 25, 2008
The new bag unloading station with batching system SRD 500 LOGIC has been put into operation.
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March 20, 2008
The production of screw conveyors of VK 114, VK 159 type, up to 9 meters by length, of VK 219, VK 273 up to 12 meters by length.
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March 18, 2008
The production of new crew conveyers of new type VK 114, VK 219.
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Soft containers of "Big Bag" type


Big Bag unloader and set batching SRD-500 LOGIC

In the cement market the cement of Chinese, Turkish and European countries production is widely sold today. The cement comes generally in soft containers of type "Big Bag". To operate with soft containers "Stroymechanika" company designs and manufactures the equipment allowing to unload and fill the bulk material bags.

Enlarging the nomenclature of the manufactured production "Stroymechanika" company offers absolutely new plant from the series of equipment to operate with soft container. It is a bag unloader with intelligent system of specified batching SRD-500 LOGIC.

Work with bag unloader SRD-500 LOGIC:
Soft containers ready to be unloaded are mounted on the top the feed hoper of the unloader with help of a loader before pricking on knife intended to open containers and mounted in the inner surface of the hopper.

During the unloading of the soft containers with valve the knife to open the containers is removed from the inner surface, and the valve operation is made throughout inspection door. In the bottom of the feed hopper the removable screen serving to separate lumps of material.

After the container is installed the weighting system is started. One need to set up the portion mass on the display of the weighting panel of the station ET-02M and press the button "START". The disk shutter is opened and at the same time the drive of screw conveyor is powered, that helps the material enter the mixer or tank prepared beforehand. As the last portion is weighted. The screw is emptied, then press the button "PAUSE" and intelligent weighting system will store quantity of the unloaded material.

The empty container is removed from the feed hopper and the new one is installed, then repress the button "PAUSE" and the system restart the material weighting. The program Whale Pro Logic 3 developed just to program logically the devices of "VS-" company control the mechanisms of the intelligent weighting system. The COM port RS 232/485 transmit the program on the device, that disposes of the necessity to change firmware download of the device if this or that changes in operation algorithm are made. With help of Whale Pro Logic 3 the very flexible and quick adjustment of the control algorithm, adding new fictional features into the control system is made.

The mass of the unloaded portion is set up on the display of the weighting terminal ET-02M, installed on the door of the device electric box. The weighting station receives a signal directly from measuring sensor and one not need the connection of the intermediate traducers of signal levels. The weighting device has an indicator, control keyboard, USB port to connect with a computer, interface RS-485 to connect with modules and computer, and different Kermit types.


  • unloader SR -500;
  • screw conveyor of series "VK";
  • intelligent weighting system "-";
  • disk shutter with pneumatic drive of series "DZ";
  • soft insert of series "MV".
  • Advantages:

  • work with all types of soft containers;
  • the use a standard loader as a loading device;
  • high weighting and batching accuracy;
  • application of high intelligent weighting and batching system of the company "VS-";
  • logical programming of weighting system Whale Pro Logic 3;
  • function "mass storage" at the installation of a new soft container;
  • manufacturing of the unit with screw conveyor of specified length;
  • kitting of the pneumatic system of "FESTO" company;
  • drive of the screw conveyor of "SITI" and "CHIARAVALI TRANSMISSONI" company.
  • Overall dimensions


    Technical characteristics

    Mass of the unloaded material, kg 500-2000
    Overall dimensions (H×L×W), mm 3152×1630×2635
    "Big Bag" size According to the requirements specification
    Capacity Up to 20 FIBC per hour depending on the operators skill.
    Electric tension, V/Hz 380/50
    General power, kW 3,5
    Mass of the unloader, kg 385
    Operation with FIBC by loader
    Quantity of personnel 2


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