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Pneumatic chamber batching pump "PN LOGIC"


December 18, 2009
Report on Exhibition in India.
On the 25-29 of November, 2009 "The 5th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair" took place in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
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September 26, 2008.
Dealer seminar.
The sales seminar that took place on the 23-24th of September, 2008 in Tula Science and Technology House was a serious step of "Stroymechanika" Ltd in development of dealers network. 19 organizations from all parts of Russia as well as from Belorussia, Kazakhstan participated in this seminar.More >>
March 25, 2008
The new bag unloading station with batching system SRD 500 LOGIC has been put into operation.
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March 20, 2008
The production of screw conveyors of VK 114, VK 159 type, up to 9 meters by length, of VK 219, VK 273 up to 12 meters by length.
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March 18, 2008
The production of new crew conveyers of new type VK 114, VK 219.
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Valve bag packing machine
AEROPACK TURBO of "StroyPack" series

Valve bag packing machine AEROPACK TURBO of "StroyPack" series by production of the engineering enterprise "Stroymechanika" is designed to pack loose, powder and granular products such as dry mixes, cement sand, lime, slag and other materials in valve bags of 10-50 kg and more. The packing speed is up to 350 bags per hour. The packing machine is made according to standard positively approved pneumatic scheme.

Operation procedure.
The material to be packed is loaded from the intermediate hopper of the packer into the chamber of air-blower through feed opening locked by the gate. Upon the signal of level sensor embedded the chamber of air-blower the gate opens and the compressed air is supplied. It creates the air mix that is pumped into the bag through open batching air-valve and feed branch pipe. The product batching is by weight, made upon the principal "gross weight", the products is weighted continuously together with the bag while filling. As the required material in bag is weighted, the batchingair-valve closes preventing the material penetration into the bag, the pressing air-cylinder is actuated releasing the bag valve and the air-cylinder of release mechanism, dropping down the spout with filled bag. The bag under its weight enters the conveying belt of the belt conveyor under 90° and then enters the warehouse. For bag loading belt conveyors of LK series can be used.

The capacity of packing machine is connected closely with the dose of packing material. At packing of material with bulk weight of 1000 kg/m³ in bags of 50 kg the capacity is about 18 t/hour. The properties of product packed influences a lot the packing speed.

The independent adjustment of air pressure supplied into the filling channel allows using the packaging machine for work with different products, including the difficult packaging products. The free section of the batched valve in the mode of "fine" the flow is adjusted, which makes it possible to set up the batching error in the required dose range. Filled bags with material are leaned on fixed support.

Operations made on valve packing machine AEROPACK TURBO:

  • pressing of empty bag to the bottom of the loading branch pipe;
  • control of the bags in the batching area (option);
  • "nulling" of the containers;
  • the material supply by rotary feeder;
  • the air-feed in the chamber;
  • filling with "full" flow;
  • the fine feed with "thin" flow;
  • the pressure release in the chamber;
  • the discharge of the loaded bag.

The competitive advantages of the valve packer AEROPACK TURBO:

  • High batching accuracy;
  • The application of components of well-known Russian and world manufacturers:
      - CAMOZZI (Italy) air-cylinders, air-operated spreaders, and fittings;
      - Lock valves pneumatically driven of well-known wold manufacturers GSR Ventiltechnik (Germany), VALBIA (Italy), VALPRES (Italy);
      - solenoid electronically driven valves by ASCO or TORK SMS production;
      - weight load cells by VISHAY (the USA) or HBM (Germany) production.

Technical characteristics

Packed products сыпучие, порошкообразные и зернистые
Temperature of the packed materials, °C до +80
Type of bags клапанные, клееные (шитые)
Bag width, cm 30-50
Bag length, cm 30-75 (95)
Valves width, cm 11 (9; 13)
Dose, kg 10-50
Capacity (approximately), bags/hours 350
Batching error %, max ±0,5
Requirement in compressed air, l/min от 2500
Electric power supply, V/Hz 380/50
Rated power, kW 0,25
Installation conditions, °C +5...-40
Weight, kg 300

Overall dimensions


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